Arc Automatic Rotating Curler 1"

Product Details:

Chi Automatic Rotating Barrel 1 inch gives hair perfect tension and turn when curling, making styling faster and easier than ever. Includes Free 2.6 oz Infra Texture Hairspray.

Features & Benefits:

- Automatic rotating barrel alleviates wrist discomfort and produces even curls every time
- 1-inch ceramic barrel heats up to 410 degrees F in 30 seconds
- 1 1/2"" Clip Secures Hair Ends in place while curling even the longest hair.
- Digital temperature control with LCD display screen
- Left and right directional buttons with a reset to automatically reposition the barrel to its original place
- 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

How to Use:

STEP 1. Begin with blow-dried hair. Spray CHI 44 Iron Guard throughout entire hair
STEP 2. Choose desired temperature with the digital temperature controls
STEP 3. Divide the hair into sections. Grab a small subsection and place the ends of the hair in-between the barrel and the clip. This will securely hold the hair while the curler spins.
STEP 4. Push the arrow button in the desired direction and curl the hair upwards. Hold for 5-10 seconds.
STEP 5. Press the spring clamp and release the curl from the clip. Press the reset button and the barrel clip will automatically return to the middle starting position.
STEP 6. Repeat this process working your way through the subsections until you have finished curling all of the hair.