Lava Spin & Curl

Product Details:

Create flawless curls and waves at the push of a button with the CHI Lava Pro Spin N Curl. Sourced from some of the most effective heat conducting materials found on earth; volcanic lava combined with the power of CHI ceramic creates bouncy, sleek results without the damaging effects of high-heat styling. Hair is drawn into the heat isolating curl chamber and timed to create lively, shiny curls and waves every time! The digital temperature display offers easily adjustable temperature settings and a selection of preset temperature settings for each hair texture, creating a customizable styling experience. Curling hair has never been so a-mazing!

Features & Benefits:

- 1 Inch Volcanic Lava Ceramic rotating barrel creates bouncy curls and waves
- Maximum temperature of up to 410°F/210°C
- Includes pre-set temperature settings with adjustable heat-up times and display
- Pre-Set Temperatures:
Low 370?°F / 188°C - Fine Hair
Medium 390°F / 199°C - Medium Hair
High 410°F / 210°C - Coarse Hair
- Adjustable Heat
Curl chamber surrounded by protective heat barrier for safe usage
- Directional buttons with tangle protection
- Temperature display with auto lock
- 11 ft. (3.35m) swivel cord
- 1-hour auto shut-off
- Dual voltage

How to Use:

1. Hold the CHI Lava Pro Spin N Curl vertically with the digital control side facing the head ("This side towards head")
2. Take up to 1 Inch section of hair and lay the section into the opening of the curl chamber. If larger sections are used, and the hair gets tangled the tangle alert will beep.
3. Press and continuously hold the arrow button in the desired direction to curl the hair. The hair strand will be automatically curled into the chamber and it will stop rotating.
4. You will hear 3 beeps once the curl is set.
5. Slide the tool in a downward motion to gently release the hair.